• What Does an OB-GYN Do?
    Work with Dr. Dele Ogunleye, Dr. Lisa Emm, Dr. Angela Baja, and Dr. Leigh Kowalski of Advanced Women’s Healthcare if you’re looking for an OB-GYN in Bloomington, IL. What Is an Read more
  • Enhancing Birth Experiences: The Essential Roles of Doulas and Midwives
    In the world of childbirth, the presence of doulas and midwives signifies comfort, support, and empowerment. These healthcare professionals offer comprehensive care before, during, and after childbirth, guiding expectant families Read more
  • FAQs About Menopause
    Advanced Women’s Healthcare offers comprehensive OB-GYN services to Bloomington, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled team of medical professionals specializes in female patient-related care, including care for those experiencing menopause. What Read more
  • Types of Hysterectomy: Exploring Different Surgical Approaches and Techniques
    A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus, or womb, either completely or partially. There are a variety of reasons why a hysterectomy may be necessary, and also Read more
  • Introducing AWHC Midwifery Services Across Five New Illinois Locations
    Advanced Women's Healthcare (AWHC) believes in providing essential support and care throughout every stage of a woman's journey--especially during childbirth and motherhood. That's why we're pleased to announce the expansion Read more
  • Understanding Menopause: What Every Woman Should Know
    As women get older, there are certain changes that you can start to expect. The most common is menopause, which signifies the end of your menstrual cycle. There may be Read more
  • Your Contraception Options
    Contraception refers to the many methods of preventing pregnancy. It allows you to choose if and when you want to become pregnant. Some contraception methods are more effective than others, Read more
  • Navigating the Diagnosis: What To Expect When You Suspect PCOS
    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition among women, but it's one that many realize they suffer from until they begin to notice the symptoms of the condition or Read more
  • What Is VBAC? Understanding Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
    Some mothers prefer to have a vaginal birth, even after they have had a cesarean. This is called VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean. A doctor at Advanced Women's Healthcare Read more
  • Different Types of Hysterectomy
    A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the uterus and sometimes the cervix or other reproductive organs. OB-GYNs recommend it for various health reasons, such as severe Read more
  • Should You Start Considering Contraception?
    Contraception, or birth control, encompasses a range of methods and strategies to prevent unintended pregnancies. Its fundamental purpose is to offer individuals control over their reproductive choices, allowing them to Read more
  • What Is Menopause?
    Advanced Women's Healthcare is here when you need help managing menopause in Bloomington, IL. Our team of doctors, nurses, and counselors can help whenever you have a women's health concern, Read more
  • Why Getting Routine Pap Smears Is Important
    At Advanced Women's Healthcare, our many doctors can help you diagnose and treat many dangerous conditions. For example, we can help detect potential problems that might lead to cervical cancer Read more
  • Types of Contraception
    Getting pregnant and having a baby will change your life. In fact, the change is so significant you should be able to plan when you want to have a family. Read more
  • When To Talk to Your OBGYN About Irregular Bleeding
    Irregular bleeding refers to abnormal patterns of menstrual bleeding that deviate from a woman's typical menstrual cycle. It can manifest as unusually heavy or light flow, prolonged periods, spotting between Read more
  • Early Signs of Menopause
    One of the first, clear signs of menopause is a distinct change in the menstrual cycle. If you’re starting to experience these changes or other symptoms, Advanced Women’s Healthcare can Read more