Midwifery Services

Pregnancy and Ultrasound

OB/GYN & Midwifery: Your Partner in the Journey to Motherhood

Embarking on the journey to motherhood marks the beginning of an extraordinary chapter filled with unique milestones: making the decision to become a parent, experiencing the thrill of your baby's first heartbeat, preparing their welcoming space, and finally, the joyous occasion of bringing them into the world. This is why our new midwifery service provides you with unmatched support and care throughout your childbirth and motherhood journey, ensuring a positive and enriching experience. 

Our dedicated team stands ready to support every expecting mother through the entirety of this beautiful journey. We pride ourselves on offering a compassionate and understanding setting for all prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care needs. Our Birth centers are designed with your peace and comfort in mind, to make your delivery experience as serene as possible. 

Pregnancy and Childbirth Support in Bloomington and Across Central Illinois

Expanding our reach to serve you better, we now offer our personalized and comprehensive care across five convenient locations in Bloomington, Forsyth, Lincoln, Pontiac and Urbana, Illinois. 

Each location is staffed by our team of Certified Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners, ensuring that wherever you are in the city, expert support is never far away. 

Mother loving a newborn

Midwifery: Enhancing Maternal Health and Delivery Safety

Our Certified Nurse Midwives are at the heart of our approach to maternal health and delivery safety. Renowned for their holistic care model, midwives provide invaluable support through natural childbirth processes, emphasizing less intervention and a deeply personalized birthing experience.  

Research consistently highlights the benefits of midwifery care, including lower rates of cesarean sections and a higher satisfaction rate with the birthing experience. At AWHC our midwives are dedicated to education, empowerment, and supporting informed choices throughout your pregnancy and delivery. 

Comprehensive Care Philosophy

We offer a wide array of OB/GYN and gynecological services, taking a holistic view of your health. Our focus extends beyond treating symptoms, to addressing your overall well-being, and catering to your specific needs and concerns. From routine exams, Pap tests, contraceptive advice, to menopause management and fertility consultations, our goal is to cover all facets of women's health, empowering you with the knowledge and support needed for informed health decisions. 

Insurance and Accessibility

Recognizing the critical importance of accessible, affordable healthcare, we welcome new patients and accept a broad selection of insurance plans across our five Illinois locations. If your insurance provider is not listed, please reach out to our office for assistance with determining your coverage options. 

Your Health, Our Priority

At Advanced Women's Healthcare we are devoted to supporting women at every life stage with skill, compassion, and respect. Your health and well-being are our utmost priorities, and we are honored to be your partners in health. 

Ready to embark on a healthier, more fulfilled life? Schedule your appointment with us today and let us work together towards the childbirth experience you envision and the wellness you deserve, now available in Bloomington, Forsyth, Lincoln, Pontiac and Urbana, Illinois. 


We work with the following insurance companies or plans as of 06/01/2020. If your insurance is not listed, please call us to confirm coverage as companies can change, names can change, etc.