Whether this is your first birth or you have already had several others, expanding your family is a time filled with a lot of change, challenges and joy. We are honored that you have chosen Advanced Women's Healthcare to be part of your pregnancy, delivery and post partum care. In the coming months, many things about your life will be changing. We have put together resources to assist you throughout your pregnancy and even after. 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Answers to most common questions can be found below. If a situation occurs during office hours, our front desk staff will get a nurse to answer your call. After hours, situations that cannot wait until the next business day will be handled by the physician on call. To reach them, simply call our office at 309-808-3068 and it will ring through to our after-hours answering service. If at any time you have an emergency please call 911.

 We appreciate you allowing us to care for you during your pregnancy. We want to make your experience with our office as pleasant as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.       

 -Advanced Women’s Healthcare

To access general patient education- CLICK HERE

What to expect in our office during your pregnancy:

Click Here for our PRENATAL PACKET               Note: Rotate phone for best chart experience.

1st Trimester
(Conception to 13 weeks)
2nd Trimester
(14-26 Weeks)
3rd Trimester 
(27-40 weeks)
4th Trimester
OR Post-partum
- Positive pregnancy test- Call the office to get scheduled. 
- Review Prenatal Packet.
- Ultrasound and meet your doctor at 9 weeks after your last period 
- OB Teach initial appointment around 12 weeks
-Early OB Labs with optional Genetic Testing
- Routine visits every 4 weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy
-  Anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks

-  Visits every 2 weeks after 28 weeks to the 36th week of pregnancy
- Weekly visits after 36 weeks of pregnancy
-Group B streptococcus (GBS) vaginal culture at 36 weeks to test for carrier status prior to delivery. If your test is positive, you will be treated with antibiotics when you are in labor.
-  2 hour Glucola blood test to screen for gestational diabetes along with routine 3rd Trimester Labs done at 28 weeks
- Postpartum visit approximately 4-6 weeks following delivery
- If you are a c-section you will be seen 1-2 weeks following delivery - Review post partum care booklet
- Be evaluated in pelvic floor physical therapy if needed

Partner Information- A Partner's Guide To Pregnancy

Patient Reference Sheets Recommended by Our Providers:

Breast pumps can be covered by insurance. NO prescription necessary. Just provide your insurance information. See below under breastfeeding for breast pump companies. 

Prenatal Packet

Iron Sources for Vegetarians and Anemia Treatment in Pregnancy

Kick Counter - For Tracking Fetal Movement

Low Back Pain During Pregnancy Exercises

Maternity Support Belt Recommendations

Medications: Over-the-counter (OTC) medications approved by our staff to be used during pregnancy

Nausea and Vomiting Help During Pregnancy

Postpartum Nutritional Guide

Postpartum Self Care Booklet- Includes pelvic floor, body mechanics, scar management, exercise guidelines

Pubic Bone Pain Exercises During Pregnancy

Looking for a Pediatrician??? Click HERE for a list of local providers

Patient Education:


So you want to have a baby... Find out how to prepare your health for pregnancy with our checklist.

For our Preconception Checklist click HERE.


Family Genetics and Planning for Pregnancy

Jewish Genetic Disorders

Genetic Carrier Screening


Anxiety and Pregnancy

Baby Growth Throughout Pregnancy/ Progression of Pregnancy by Weeks

Baby Growth- The Importance of Growth from 32-39 Weeks

Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance (See below under breastfeeding category)


Cesarean (C-section) Delivery

Childbirth Education Class (See below under local resources)

Diabetes Type 1 or 2 Management During Pregnancy

Diastasis Recti Information

Doulas- What is a Doula?

Gestational Diabetes

Group B Strep (GBS) and Pregnancy

Labor Stages- How to tell if labor has begun

Labor Induction at 39 Weeks

Last-minute to-dos | Office on Women's Health

Making your home safe for baby | Office on Women's Health

Midwifery- What is a Midwife?

Morning Sickness: Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Recommended Vitamins

Panorama by Natera-Prenatal Noninvasive Genetic Screening Test


Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tests

Pre-Term Labor

Postpartum Depression

Rh factor: How it can affect your pregnancy

Routine Tests During Pregnancy

Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

Travel During Pregnancy

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)



For Mom

Self Care-The First 6 Weeks After Delivery

Postpartum Nutritional Guide According to feeding type

Recovery and Self Care After Delivery Booklet: 1-12 Weeks pp- Includes pelvic floor, body mechanics, scar management, exercise guidelines

When can I go for a Run? -Your guide for returning to running or high intensity exercise after baby

Recovering From Childbirth- Intimate Rose Resource

Having difficulty with your mood, anxiety or depression? See our counseling resources Here

Complete this screening and take it to your appointment or send it to your provider

Locate a Therapist Here- Psychology Today



About Breastfeeding

Breast pumps can be obtained and covered by insurance at the companies below. NO Prescription Required!                 Just provide your insurance information.

  • MedSource - 3002 Gill St, Bloomington, IL 61704 - P: 309-664-7930

Central Illinois Breastfeeding Group

How to Keep Your Breast Pump Kit Clean

How to Clean, Sanitize and Store Infant Feeding Items

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

Formula/Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding

Formula Feeding

Preparing and Storing Formula

Newborn Resources

Car Seat Safety | NHTSA

Child Vehicle Safety | NHTSA

Circumcision | Office on Women's Health

Safe Sleep for Baby

Newborn Screenings in IL



Developmental Milestones/Developmental Disabilities in Children

Local Resource Centers:

Parent Preparedness Classes: 

Parent class

The Birth Center of BN- Child Education Class

Carle-BroMenn- Prepared Childbirth, Baby Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, Infant CPR Classes

OSF-St. Joseph- Prepared Childbirth, Baby Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, Infant CPR Classes

Delivery Centers:

Carle- BroMenn Medical Center- Normal, IL

OSF- St. Joseph Medical Center- Bloomington, IL

The Birth Center of Bloomington-Normal

Other Resources:


Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center- Normal, IL

The Baby Fold- Adoption Support, Foster Care, Special Education, Early Childhood Help- Normal, IL

ABC Counseling and Family Services: Adoption Services, Birth Parent/Adoptive Parent Counseling-Normal, IL

Children's Home and Aid: Support for Adoption, Foster Care, Parenting, Family Counseling and Child Care- IL

Miscarriage Information

We are here to help. Please call us if you think you may have miscarried. 



Dilation and Curettage (D & C)

Ectopic Pregnancy

Miscarriage Test- Anora Brochure

Counseling Services


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