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Location: 2500 W. Reynolds St., Pontiac, IL 61764 Phone: 815-842-3567

Welcome to AWHC Pontiac: A New Chapter in Personalized Maternal Care

At AWHC Pontiac, Illinois, our journey begins with you. Rooted in the profound heritage of our Bloomington parent location, we extend an invitation to expectant families seeking a journey that is as unique as the life they are about to welcome. With a steadfast commitment to customized care, our midwifery service stands as a beacon of personalized attention, ensuring that every step of your pregnancy journey is tailored to fit your specific needs, desires, and dreams.

Customized Care Plans for Every Family

We believe that every pregnancy is a story waiting to unfold. That is why our dedicated team dedicates itself to crafting customized care plans that adapt to the intricate and individual narratives of each expectant family we have the privilege to support. Our approach is simple: your journey, your choices, your tailored experience.

Midwife partnership you can count on

 A Holistic Path to Motherhood

Embracing a comprehensive, integrated approach to maternal healthcare, we are here to support you from the anticipation of early pregnancy through the transformative postpartum period. Our services are designed to envelop you in care that addresses not just the physical aspects of maternity but the emotional and psychological facets as well. With wellness assessments and natural pain management strategies, your well-being is our holistic priority.

Deep Roots in the Pontiac Community

Our midwifery practice is not just located in Pontiac; we are a part of Pontiac. Leveraging the expertise and acclaim that our Bloomington foundation affords us, we are here to meet the unique needs of Pontiac families. As your local partner in maternity care, we offer a familiar and comforting hand to hold throughout your journey.

Empowerment Through Education

At the heart of our mission lies the empowering force of education. We equip you with comprehensive resources, personalized consultations, and the promise of open communication, all designed to ensure you step into your maternity journey feeling informed, confident, and supported in the choices you make for you and your baby.

 Care That Adapts to Your Wishes

Understanding that every family’s vision for childbirth is distinct, we provide versatile scheduling and a spectrum of care options. From the intimacy of a home birth to the serene experience of a water birth or the familiar setting of a hospital delivery, our seasoned midwives are committed to bringing your envisioned birth experience to life.

 Begin Your Unique Journey with Us

Ready to embark on a maternity journey that is as unique as you are? Discover how AWHC’s Pontiac, Illinois, midwifery services, backed by a holistic healthcare approach and the distinguished support from our Bloomington location, can be customized to align with your path to motherhood. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a personalized maternity care experience with AWHC Pontiac.


We work with the following insurance companies or plans as of 06/01/2020. If your insurance is not listed, please call us to confirm coverage as companies can change, names can change, etc.