Sexual Health

Sexual Health


Your sexual health is very important. We are here to help no matter what age or stage of life you may be in. As we change throughout our life span, our sexual health changes with us. The compassionate providers at Advanced Women’s Healthcare can help you address any concerns or questions you have in a nonjudgmental and caring environment. Below are some resources you that may be helpful when needing more information about your sexual health or how to bring concerns up to our providers.

For general health patient education-Click Here.

The Sexual Wellness Solutions We All Deserve 

via an App

Developed by doctors and psychologists, Rosy is the first-of-its-kind platform for the 43% of us who experience sexual concerns. The app meets you right where you are so you can take your sexual health into your own hands.

Meet Rosy- The New Sexual Health App- Click Here to find out more!

Rosy Patient Handout- Learn More Here


About Your Sexual Health- Is this normal?

I have painful sex, what causes it and how is it treated? (Dyspareunia/Vulvodynia/Vaginismus)

What are vaginal moisturizers? (Non-hormonal)

What are the best lubricants and why?

What is the difference between vaginal moisturizers and lubricants?

  • Moisturizers are used as routine use for moisturizing the vaginal skin and tissues. (Similar to using lotion on your skin.)
  • Lubricants are used to reduce friction and are meant to be a one-episode use. (Applying just for sexual activity.)
  • Although these products are different, both can be used as moisturizer use makes lubricant use more successful if vaginal dryness present.

Here are some recommended organic and clean ingredient companies/products for lubricants and moisturizers:

Good Clean Love  (30% off your first order with code- NOURISH30)

Ah Yes Company

Desert Harvest

Coconut Oil

What resources are available for low sexual desire or sexual problems?

There is an app for that.

Rosy App Patient Handout- Learn More Here

Online self study options developed by a sex therapist. 

Programs by Dr. Teresa Johnson 

Programs Include: Performance Anxiety, Rediscovering Desire, Reclaiming Sexual Wellness & Pleasure

Counseling for anxiety, depression and couples- Click Here

Which birth control option is right for me?

Birth Control Options Chart -With effectiveness % for options

Mirena Patient Brochure

Kyleena Patient Brochure

Paragard Patient Brochure

NuvaRing Patient Information

Hormonal Birth Control Options Info

Phexxi- Nonhormonal Birth Control Gel

Caya- Nonhormonal Contoured Diaphragm

Nexplanon Arm Implant

What is Fertility Awareness Based Methods of Family Planning?

How do I prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

What are the common STIs?

Genital Herpes

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis


What is HPV? And About Vaccination

What is Vulvodynia? -National Vulvodynia Association


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