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A common question many of our patients ask is when should they’re daughters begin gynecological-related exams?

Many young women and adolescents face the same issues that adult women face, but are too embarrassed or shy to address them. The choices and decisions they make, however, could have consequences for their well being and future.

Advanced Women’s Healthcare provides care & wellness for all phases of a woman’s lifetime. Here are some steps you can take as a parent or guardian to help start your daughter on a healthy path: 

  1. Get and stay informed. Visit our website often or please call our office for handouts and pamphlets. Do research on the internet and use trusted sources. See Handouts and Education HERE
  2. Talk to your daughter about menstruation, use of tampons, promoting abstinence, contraception, healthy eating, and exercise. If we can be of assistance to get the conversation started, please ask us.
  3. Talk to your daughter about sex. Open discussion with your daughter about sex and sexually transmitted diseases may be awkward but it is very important. Also talk to your daughter about smoking, alcohol and drug use.
  4. We can help with discussions related to preventing pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted disease. Please engage us to help you.

Reassure your teenager or adolescent that just because they are going to see a gynecologist does not mean they will have a Pap smear or pelvic exam. The majority of teenagers do not need either until till they are about 21 years of age.

The anticipation of visiting a gynecologist’s office for the first time is usually an unpleasant one. Planning the visit helps a great deal. We are here to help make your teenagers first trip to the gynecologist as stress free as possible. Talking to us in advance and so we may help both of you avoid a sleepless night or two before the visit.


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