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We provide a home exercise program that is individualized but minimizes your "homework" making it easier to perform and easier to maintain. Below are some resources for pelvic floor therapy/physical therapy compiled to assist with your treatment plan.

For general patient education- Click Here

What to Expect in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Meet our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Here!

Resources Recommended by our Physical Therapist:


Medbridge Patient Home Exercise Program Login- FREE

  • Use your code given to you at your appointment to login in to the website to view your exercises. 
  • You can also download the app to your phone on Google Play or App Store- Search "MedBridge Go" for patients.
  • To view your individual exercises, click "Program" down at the bottom of the app. 
  • To view your whole exercise program in a row, click "Go" circle on the app. (This does move quickly and only does one side so exercises are best viewed under "program".

Follow Dana Landgren on Instagram- safe total body strengthening exercise routines (FREE)

Follow Dr. Melissa Oleson on Instagram- for stretching and yoga related to the pelvic floor (FREE)

Get Mom Strong- Paid Exercise Subscription (Provides safe workouts for mothers to avoid injury.) (Also on Instagram)

Pelvicore (TM) Strengthening Program Equipment and Video Purchase

Diastasis Recti Information


#1 FREE Meditation App- Insight Timer

Meditation Advice from our Physical Therapist

Sexual Health

  • Our office education on Sexual Health information- Click Here
  • Good clean ingredient companies for Vaginal Moisturizers and Lubricants:

Good Clean Love (30% off your first order with code NOURISH30)

Ah Yes Company

Desert Harvest (Lidocaine cream for pain available at this site- Releveum Cream)

Apps and Supplies

  • Kinesiology Tape Recommendations: If we have used kinesiology tape in your treatment plan and you want to purchase some, these are the recommended brands: 

KenesioTex Gold (Found on online) - Lasts 3-4 days (Most often used in our clinic.)

KT Tape (Found on online or at local pharmacies)- Lasts 1-2 days- Probably best for sensitive skin

Rock Tape (Found online)- Lasts 4-5 days

Store Brand Kinesiology Tape (Local pharmacies)- Lasts anywhere between 2-4 days

Note: (How long the tape lasts is only an estimate and can vary depending on skin conditions.)

  • App for Tracking Urination/Hydration- Free Version

Pee & See

  • Fun App for Tracking Hydration- Free Version

Water Llama

  • Follow on Instagram for Perimenopause and Menopause information related to diet and supplements

Dr. Mary Claire Haver

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy Supplies- 

Intimate Rose  ($5 off of your purchase when shopping this link)

CMT Medical

  • Biofeedback Units/Kegel Trainers that can be purchased:


The Elvie

  • App for Kegel Reminders and Counting- Free Version

Kegel Trainer- Apple

Kegel Trainer- Google Play

  • Stimulation Devices for Pain or Strengthening (prescription required)

NexWave- External Stimulation for Pain Control

NexWave Placement Guide

NexWave IFC/TENS Electrode Placement- Total Body

Pelvic Pain NexWave Placement

InWave- Stimulation for Bladder Control or Strengthening


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