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Talking to Your OBGYN About VBAC

If you’re interested in having a VBAC in Bloomington, IL, Dr. Dele Oguleye, Dr. Lisa Emm, and Dr. Angela Baja at Advanced Women’s Healthcare are committed to providing you with the information and care you need to increase your chance of success.

Questions to Ask Your OBGYN About a VBAC in Bloomington, IL

There was a time when women, in general, were told that once they had a Cesarean delivery, they could not have a vaginal birth at all. Later, this was found not to be true for many women.

Most women can have a successful VBAC or vaginal birth after a Cesarean. However, not all doctors or hospitals support it. Additionally, it’s not the best choice for all women. If you’re interested in having a VBAC, there are some questions you need to ask your OBGYN, including those below.

Do You Support VBACs?

First and foremost, you need to find a provider that fully supports VBACs. The answers to the remaining questions on this list might be directly impacted by whether the OBGYN supports them. Ask about their views, their success rate, and what factors impacted that success rate.

Does the Hospital You Operate From Support VBACs?

Even if your OBGYN is on the side of VBACs, it doesn’t necessarily mean the hospital is. If your provider does not operate from a hospital supports them, you should consider another provider.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?

Again, not all women are good candidates for a VBAC. Dr. Oguleye, Dr. Emm, and Dr. Baja at Advanced Women’s Healthcare are all proponents of VBAC. However, they make their patients aware of factors such as medical conditions, the mother’s weight, and the size of the baby can impact the chances of success. It’s important that you ask up front whether a VBAC is a good choice for you.

What Could Make This Change During Delivery?

Sometimes, a planned VBAC has to be switched to a Cesarean birth during the actual delivery. Asking your OBGYN what could make this happen will not only help you prepare but also get a fuller sense of how much they truly support a VBAC.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Increase My Chances of Success?

In many cases, your chances of a successful VBAC can greatly increase with some lifestyle modifications, like diet and exercise. Your OBGYN can give you specific recommendations that you can work toward during your pregnancy.

Learn more about having a successful VBAC in Bloomington, IL by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Oguleye, Dr. Emm, or Dr. Baja at Advanced Women’s Healthcare by calling (309) 808-3068.