When To Talk To Your OBGYN About Irregular Bleeding

When To Talk To Your OBGYN About Irregular Bleeding

If you’re experiencing abnormal periods, Dr. Dele Ogunleye, Dr. Lisa Emm, and Dr. Angela Baja of Advanced Women’s Healthcare, your OB-GYN in Bloomington, IL, can help diagnose your condition and provide treatment to help you get back to normal.

How Do I Know If My Bleeding Is Irregular? 

The particulars of a period will vary from woman to woman, meaning that not every period will be exactly alike. However, in order to understand what irregular bleeding is, it’s imperative to understand what regular bleeding is. The following factors can help:

  • Normal periods typically fall within a range. They usually start every 21 to 35 days, and they often last between four and seven days.
  • Most of the time, ladies can wear a pad or tampon for about four to eight hours before they need to change it. Some will need to change them a little more often if their bleeding is normally heavy. And of course, there will be heavy days and light days, so how often you need to change them will vary to some degree.

When to Consult Your OB-GYN in Bloomington, IL About Irregular Bleeding

It’s not unusual to have some variation in your own cycle, especially if you’re currently under more stress than usual. Under most circumstances, irregular bleeding is nothing to worry about. However, it’s important that you get checked to be sure.

One of the first signs that you should speak to your OB-GYN is if something happens that is abnormal for you. It’s always a good idea to track your period and any symptoms that you regularly experience. This makes it easier to figure out if something’s changed.

Other signs that you should talk to Dr. Ogunleye, Dr. Emm, or Dr. Baja include the following:

  • Your periods come sooner or later than the average 21 to 35-day range.
  • You bleed or spot in between periods.
  • You bleed longer than a week.
  • You’re bleeding heavily enough that you have to change your pad or tampon about every hour.
  • You haven’t had a period in three months (and you aren’t pregnant).
  • You’re experiencing more pain than your normal menstrual cramps.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or feel that something’s just not right, it’s time to visit your OB-GYN in Bloomington, IL. Call Advanced Women’s Healthcare at (309) 808-3068 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ogunleye, Dr. Emm, or Dr. Baja today.