What Surgeries Does the Da Vinci Robot Do?

What Surgeries Does the Da Vinci Robot Do?

Surgical procedures involve a full team of highly-trained experts, including lead surgeons, assisting surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and more. You may be surprised by one member of the team at Advanced Women’s Healthcare in Bloomington, IL, however - the Da Vinci robot. While this robotic system doesn’t replace the humans in the room, our providers utilize it to advance and improve minimally invasive surgery.

How Does the Da Vinci Robot Work?

Similar to forceps in non-robotic procedures, your surgeon uses the Da Vinci system as a tool with which to operate. The robot acts as an extension of the surgeon’s hands, mimicking their movements with precise detail. One of the robot's arms holds the lighting and a very small 3D camera, and the others hold the surgical instruments.

Your doctor operates from a control center within the room, manipulating the controls and tiny surgical instruments attached to the robotic arms. The specialized tools, known as EndoWrist™ instruments, provide both a greater range of motion and more precision than the human hand.

What surgeries does the Da Vinci robot do?

While this system can be used to make cardiac, colorectal, thoracic, and other general surgeries minimally invasive, it’s an especially great tool for gynecological surgery. In contrast to open surgery, using the da Vinci robot in gynecology creates much smaller cuts, resulting in less trauma, fewer stitches, and better women’s healthcare.

Minimally invasive surgery in Bloomington, IL that uses the da Vinci robot:

  • Cystectomy 
  • Myomectomy: 
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Hysterectomy
  • Pelvic floor reconstruction

Learn More About Your Gynecological Surgery Options

At Advanced Women’s Healthcare in Bloomington, IL, we look at the whole picture of women’s health, and that includes making any operation you may require as much of a minimally invasive surgery as possible. If you’d like to learn more or speak with one of our providers, call us today at (309) 808-3068 to set up an appointment.