What Are the Signs and Symptoms of PCOS?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of PCOS?

Could your period problems and abdominal pain be a sign of PCOS?

If you’re a woman in your reproductive years, chances are good that you’ve heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) from a doctor or your female friends. This common hormonal disorder can lead to irregular periods and infertility issues. If you recognize these signs and symptoms of PCOS, it’s time to visit our Bloomington, IL, OBGYNs Dr. Dele Ogunleye, Dr. Lisa Emm and Dr. Angela Baja for an evaluation.

What is PCOS? 

PCOS causes a hormone imbalance, which impacts your ovaries. Despite the name, not all women with PCOS have cysts on their ovaries. Due to its impact on hormones, PCOS can cause unwanted hair and acne and increase your risk for hypertension and diabetes.

What are the signs and symptoms of PCOS? 

PCOS can cause irregular periods or may stop your period altogether. This is often a telltale sign of PCOS and is worth turning to our Bloomington, IL, OBGYNs for further evaluation if you’ve missed two periods in a row. Other warning signs of PCOS include,

  • Unwanted hair or hair loss
  • Darkening of the skin often around the armpits or neck
  • Abdominal pain
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain around the stomach
  • Trouble conceiving

Can PCOS impact my ability to get pregnant? 

There is a possibility that PCOS could make it more difficult to conceive. In some cases, PCOS can lead to infertility. Talk with our Bloomington, IL, OBGYNs if you have PCOS and are trying to get pregnant. We can provide treatment options that may improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Does PCOS require treatment?

While there isn’t a cure for PCOS, our team can help you manage your symptoms through,

Lifestyle modifications: Maintaining a healthy weight and eating a healthy, balanced and whole-foods diet

Medications: contraceptive pills to regulate periods; fertility medications who are trying to get pregnant; drugs to treat unwanted hair growth

When PCOS-related infertility isn’t responding to medications, our team may recommend a laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove tissue from the ovaries to correct the imbalance and improve ovarian function.

Dealing with irregular periods could be a sign of PCOS and should be assessed by our Bloomington, IL, team. To schedule a consultation, call Advanced Women's Healthcare at (309) 808-3068.