Why Is Women’s Health Important?

Why Is Women’s Health Important?

Advanced Women's Healthcare and Dr. Dele Ogunleye, Dr. Lisa Emm, and Dr. Angela Baja can provide you with well woman exams in Bloomington, IL, that help gauge women's health and ensure that you're in great shape. Why is it so important to pay attention to specific women's needs? Doing so can help catch common problems that may make your life more challenging or painful.

Women Have Unique Needs

Female bodies have many unique needs that require specialized care to manage appropriately. For example, their reproductive system may require regular checkups and visits to ensure it remains healthy. Women may also need mammograms later in life to catch breast cancer. Frequent trips to your OBGYN can ensure that you are healthy and prevent severe and lingering diseases from affecting you.

Some Conditions May Be Hard to Catch

In some cases, well woman exams in Bloomington, IL, may be necessary to spot conditions that may be easy to mistake. For example, women with repeated vaginal infections may have an unbalanced body chemistry that's hard to diagnose unless you're looking for it specifically. Working with our team can help make this process smoother and minimize your health complications as a result.

Women May Not Report Their Illnesses

When women try to hide their illnesses or ignore them, they may end up experiencing worsened symptoms that may affect their lives for many years. Thankfully, visiting your OBGYN can help catch these problems and give you the help that you need. However, following these steps also involves working with a professional who you can trust, someone who fully understands your specific concerns.

Pregnancy May Impact a Woman's Health

Lastly, women who get pregnant repeatedly or experience multiple pregnancies in a short period may need an exam to make sure that they are healthy. These exams will make sure that her body is responding well to her post-pregnancy situation. They can also ensure that you have the nutrients and vitamins necessary when bringing a baby to full delivery when your pregnancy is over.

Take Care of Yourself

As you can see, it is crucial to work with us at Advanced Women's Healthcare to take care of your health needs. Dr. Ogunleye, Dr. Emm, and Dr. Baja can provide well woman exams in Bloomington, IL, to meet your unique needs. So, when you call us at 309-808-3068, let us know what kind of care you need, and talk with our team to set up your appointment with a group of specialists who understand your specific care concerns.